Structural Drying

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Stop Water Damage From Affecting Your Home’s Structure

No matter if you’re dealing with wet ceilings, wall cavities, or any other sort of material, Island Restoration Maui depends on our extensive skill set and superior workmanship to get your home back to normal after water damage.  If your home is in need of structural drying, rely only on our team!

Every residence or building has different types of materials and surfaces, and therefore, distinct absorption rates. Every material will be affected in a different way. This absorption rate affects how fast your home’s structure could be permanently damaged. Once the water damage reaches inside a structure, it needs to be removed using mechanical materials. If you’re dealing with structural water damage in your home, get in touch with Island Restoration Maui. Call 808-250-2813 today.

We Can Get Your Home Back To Normal

At Island Restoration Maui, we’ll ensure your structural water damage issue is taken care of. We utilize a dehumidifier, air movement, air filtration, and heat to set up an effective drying system for all different types of structures.

Removing water from a structure is no easy task. It requires a balanced process and has three steps:

  1. Water Extraction – Getting rid of water in the liquid state is much simpler compared to water that has soaked into the structure. Before our team can begin drying your home’s structure, we will first need to ensure we have removed as much standing water as possible.
  2. Evaporation – Once we have removed the maximum amount of standing water, we utilize air-flow machines to generate evaporation. The method of air-flow is essential and increases the evaporation rate.
  3. Dehumidification – Due to the moisture generated from the evaporation step, we need to counterbalance with a dehumidifier process. Without this step, moisture will absorb into materials and encourage mold growth.

Get In Touch Today

By the end of this process, you will have proof that your home and structure is fully dry. No more stress and worrying. Count on Island Restoration Maui for superior structural drying services in Maui, HI. Call 808-250-2813 today.