About Us

Local & Family Owned

Island Fire & Water Restoration is a Maui based family business with a team of friendly, highly experienced, caring and capable professionals who understand the emotional stress that water and mold damage can cause. We’re able to dry the house out in 3 to 4 days without tearing out walls and flooring. Helping you to get your life back as fast a possible.

Whenever you encounter a water damage incident, especially extensive damage such as flooding to entire ground floor levels affecting carpets furniture and electrical circuits, the need to act quickly afterward is intense. Our experience has shown us that most people don’t know where to start once they’ve been hit by water damage. It all seems such a shock, such a mess, and such a confusing process as to where to start and what to do.


We Want To Help You Out!

This is where our team comes in! We have precise technical knowledge of how to handle these disasters quickly and professionally. We also work closely with Maui insurance assessors to help you begin the process of rectification immediately.

Our clients have told us that having Island Fire & Restoration on-the-job helping with putting everything back together again is like having a family friend to hold their hand and lead the way on to dry land so to speak. This comes from having years of experience and knowing just how traumatic and upsetting the experience can be and having a genuine desire to bring comfort, remedy, and peace of mind to our clients as soon as possible. Get helped with water or mold damage restoration in Maui, HI today.

We Are Always Available For You

We provide our services 24 hours a day seven days a week,- and that’s not just a slogan; we live by that and understand that in our industry it’s not an optional service but an essential one!

One phone call to us will generally result in one of our professional staff knocking on your door within an hour. Our staff are kept up-to-date through training of the latest industry developments, treatment and reparation techniques so you can be assured not only good service but of the best informed the most capable service to see you through your calamity and have normalcy restored to your home or business in the shortest possible time.

Some clients unfortunately either through neglect or circumstances find that their insurance cover is either inadequate or non-existent. If this happens to be your situation fear not, we still can help with critically important advice and point you in the right direction so that your problems can be solved without costing you an arm and a leg or breaking the bank.

Get In Touch Today

If you are in the Maui, HI area and need water or mold damage restoration in Maui, HI, give our team at Island Restoration Maui a call today at 808-250-2813. We are available whenever you need us.