Water Damage Clean Up in Maui, HI

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We Can Get Your Home Back To Normal

No two homes are alike, therefore, no two projects are the same either. This is why we treat each and every project individually. Call 808-250-2813 today for personalized water damage clean up in Maui, HI. No matter the venture, a team of highly qualified and trained team members will be capable of managing strategies that result in meeting the needs of our customers. 

Our years of experience in the field has to lead us to tackle a wide array of projects from big to small. We’ve learned, through the years, that no matter the projects’ size, there are homeowners waiting to get back into the comfort of their homes. We are committed to providing quality results through the proper resources and skillsets. So, when you’re facing an issue at home, don’t invest in just any company, call the team of professionals at Island Restoration Maui.

Residential Damage Restoration & Water Removal

Floods happen when you least expect it. And when it does, it is such an overwhelming and complex situation that it is difficult to know what to do next – or who to call, for that matter.

No matter if your home requires repairs or water extractions, you can count on our full-service water damage restoration to handle all your flood-related issues. At Island Restoration Maui, we offer complete restoration services in Maui, HI. It doesn’t matter if the damage is a result of a busted pipe, leaky roof, or anything else. Our expert specialists will visit your location and provide reliable water damage cleanup and restoration services in Maui, HI!

For Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration, Call Us

At Island Restoration Maui, we truly believe every homeowner deserves a quick and efficient response when dealing with water damage. Our team is committed to responding to your call and coming down to your location as soon as possible. Offering complete water damage clean up in Maui, HI is what we do – call 808-250-2813 today.

  • Flood Damage Restoration If you have experienced a flood, there are many things that need to be taken care of to ensure your home is liveable again.
  • Hardwood Floor Drying After water damage, it is crucial that you dry out your hardwood floors before they deteriorate.
  • Sewage Cleanup Sewage backup is not only gross, but it is also hazardous. We can take care of it for you fast.
  • Standing Water Removal When you are experiencing standing water, its imperative that you get it out as fast as possible to minimize damage. Let us help!
  • Structural Drying Flood damage can impact the structure of your home. We can make sure your home’s stucture is dry once again.